About Aussie Guard


Aussie Guard is the fastest growing aftermarket company in Australia.

100% Aussie owned and operated, Aussie Guards customers enjoy a huge national network of customer service centres across Australia.

Aussie Guard International is the fastest growing aftermarket company in Australia. 

100% Aussie owned and operated, Aussie Guard’s customers enjoy a huge national network of customer service centres across Australia. 

Aussie Guard was founded by Daryn Walker, who has been involved with the motor industry for more than 20 years, and specialising in after market vehicle protection for more than 15 years. 

Over his career, Daryn has been the supplier, the retailer and the end user of aftermarket products, learning not only what customers need and want, but how to make them happen.

Working alongside Daryn was Samantha and Stephanie, learning from the best and continuing on Daryn’s great work, now taking Aussie Guard International even further, and fully committed to becoming the best aftermarket company in the country, for those who matter most – our customers.

I founded Aussie Guard because I was not satisfied with the quality of products or service I was receiving when I was selling aftermarket products. I was certain I could deliver a better product for a better price and give better service, and so Aussie Guard was born!

Daryn Walker, Aussie Guard Founder

Daryn, Samantha and Stephanie’s 'no nonsense' approach to aftermarket care became something new to the industry, and our clients appreciate it.

"We have a great team working for us, however we make it our business to see all Aussie Guard clients personally, and to be the point of contact to ensure individual service and the Aussie Guard Customer satisfaction guarantee."



Aussie Guard means Quality Product & Quality Service
No one does it like Aussie!

From experience, we know that Aussie Guard products are second to none, and we know that Daryn stands behind his product and gives us his personal guarantee for every product we sell.

John Nash (North Jacklin)