Aussie Guard Electronic Rustproofing System involves the installation of a compact, computerised electronic unit which sends a continuous stream of silent, low voltage electronic pulses through the vehicle to prevent rust, for a full 7 years.


Rust is a costly exercise, and protection for a vehicle is best in-line with the old adage 'prevention is better than a cure'.

The concept of electronic rustproofing has been around for some time, with devices similar to Aussie Rust Guard being used for many years on bridges sitting in salt water and propellers on large vessels, to prevent them breaking down from constantly sitting in salt water. 

The use of electronic rust units was originally made popular in mining and commercial applications, and the benefits were quickly recognised and applied to private vehicle use.

Once professionally fitted, the Aussie Rust Guard unit performs the following functions for your vehicle:

  • Protects against rust above and below the window line

  • Protects against rust forming on bare metal resulting from paint damage

  • Slows paint oxidisation

  • Enhances the resale value and life of your vehicle

  • Protects structural areas of the vehicle from rust




"Prevention is always better than a cure!"




The Aussie Rust unit itself is:


  • Unobtrusive
  • Compact
  • Computerised
  • Waterproof
  • Environmentally friendly


The unit is installed in the engine bay, securely attached to the vehicles fire wall with wiring connecting it to the vehicles battery.

While always connected to the battery, the draw is tiny, and will not drain any car battery in good-condition to the point where you would even notice it, let alone cause a problem. The unit will even shut itself down if it detects the battery has dropped below 11.3 volts (the usual level required to start a car). You can rest assured that your battery will suffer no ill-effects from the unit.

Out of sight, out of mind, but always protecting your vehicle from damaging rust and oxidation.




  Inhibits rust forming in high-risk bare-metal areas including scratches and stone chips


  No harmful chemicals


  Installation does not require removal of panels or fittings


  Protects against cracking and splitting


  Unit fully encapsulated in an unbreakable flame retardant resin for long term reliability and robustness


  Operates effectively in all climate conditions