Aussie Guard Body Armour Paint Protection Finish is a non-abrasive treatment which contains natural waxes and selective resins. When applied to your vehicle by one of our highly trained operators it provides lasting protection to your vehicle from the everyday effects of our harsh environment.


There are so many elements that can cause damage to your vehicles paint work.

Apart from the obvious day-to-day elements that can stop your vehicles paintwork from staying intact, there are a number of "not so obvious" things that need to be taken into consideration when ensuring protection for your vehicles paintwork.

One real concern, however, is that these "not so obvious" elements can often be the most damaging.

Parking under trees is a major cause of paint damage, where there can be dripping tree sap, bird dropping and bat/flying fox droppings. The acid in each of these will waste no time in eating through paint, and even through normal paint protection products, eventually staining or etching into your vehicles paintwork. As this damage is irreversible, the only solution will be to have your vehicle resprayed.



Body Armour is an extremely resilient paint protection formula, that will ensure that tree sap and acidic bird or bat droppings are no longer a problem 



  Aussie Guard Body Armour Paint Protection is:

  • A new Advanced Generation Fluoropolymer paint protection, made up of the main ingredient PTFE - Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (100%)
  • Developed after 10 years of research and development
  • Unbreakable - oxygen and bacteria cannot break the molecule chain
  • Extremely stable - no breakdown from UV or oxygen
  • Applied by forming a continuous (monolithic) layer to the painted surface
  • Not effected by solvents, acids, alkalines or detergents
  • 100% non-stick surface
  • Does not contain hydro carbons, silicone, solvents or other abrasives




Provides protection from

  Acid rain

  Alkali pollution and industrial fallout

  Harsh sunlight

  Bird and bat droppings

  Tree sap

  Bug and tar stains

  Loss of gloss and oxidisation



Aussie Guard Body Armout Paint Protection is made up of an unbreakable chain of molecules that, when applied by trained applicators in the correct manner, assures that the continuous chain is unbreakable.