Aussie Guard Fabric Protection is specially formulated to reduce soiling and staining on carpet, seats and internal fabric areas.  The product is colourless and odourless and, when applied by one of our trained operators it gives lasting protection to your vehicle from the elements and those nasty everyday spills and stains.


The carpets and fabric surfaces in vehicles are constantly exposed to everyday life. We eat, drink and smoke in car as well as sit on the seats, on hot sweaty and sticky days, leaving them exposed to sometimes dramatic wear and tear.

Food that is spilt on seats and floors, mud on shoes and pet hair on the fabric all take their toll in wearing the fabric down, as well as leaving odours that can be almost impossible to get rid of.


Once dry, it does not alter the feel, texture or smell of the fabric



  Aussie Guard Fabric Protection is:

  • An invisible shield for your cloth and carpeted areas
  • A combination blend of hydrophobic solvents
  • Non-flammable (once cured)
  • Non-toxic – not a S5 poison
  • Compatible with synthetic and natural fibres within the vehicle
  • Odourless once dry - assuring quick delivery
  • Protects against water and oil based stains
  • Does not change the feel or appearance of the fabric
  • Easy clean – spills simply wipe away
  • Shields treated areas from damaging UV rays
  • Extends the life of your fabric





  Repels oil and water based stains

  Improves resistance to abrasion and pilling

  Aussie Fabric Protection is a permanent stain and odour guard


Aussie Guard Fabric Protection is applied manually. Using a professional applicator, all carpet and fabric areas are saturated with our hydrophobic formulation ensuring complete coverage.

The application process, combined with the special product formulation, ensures that instead of sitting on top of the fabric, the Fabric Protection will bond itself around each individual fibre.