Anyone who purchases a new or used vehicle wants to maintain that "new car look" for as long as possible.
Aussie Dent will appeal to that desire with a product plan that covers minor dents.


Aussie Dent will protect your vehicle against minor dents for a full 2 years.

It keeps cars looking showroom new for longer, with trolley dents and nasty door bang marks an unsightly thing of the past.

This package has been designed with input from experienced automotive professionals to protect your vehicles appearance and offer new car owners exactly what they are looking for.


Trolley dents and unsightly door bang marks are a thing of the past! 



This product covers repairs to inverted pressure dents on painted exterior vertical sheet metal panels of the vehicle.

Aussie Dent ensures that your vehicle stays ding and dent free.  

With our 2 year cover, you gain peace of mind that our highly skilled technicians are on hand to remove any unwanted dings and dents on the bodywork of your vehicle.




  Repairs of minor dings and dents

  Vehicle looks newer for longer

  Improves your vehicles resale value