Aussie Guard Phantom S5 Nano Carbon Ceramic Window Tint is an innovative product with improved visibility and durability, higher colour stability and heat rejection compared to all other automotive window films and metalized films on the market.


When professionally applied by one of our skilled operators, Aussie Guard Phantom S5 Window Tint provides you and your family increased safety and comfort inside your vehicle.

In the past, car owners had to choose between carbon window tint or ceramic window tint film.

Although each technology had its advantages, nano carbon tint and nano ceramic window tint also came with weaknesses — forcing car owners to make a compromise, no matter what they chose.

Now, that’s all changed - introducing the Phantom S5 Nano Carbon Ceramic window film series.

Featuring the perfect formula to combine the unique strengths of carbon material and ceramic material, while also overcoming their shortcomings, the Phantom S5 Nano Carbon Ceramic window film offers the best of both worlds, without forcing drivers to compromise in any way.

They say two is better than one, and in the case of the Phantom series, it’s much, much better.

To understand what makes the Phantom series so revolutionary, let’s take a look at the differences between carbon vs. ceramic auto window tint:


Carbon vs Ceramic vs Nano Carbon Ceramic Phantom

 The suns harmul rays can cause all sorts of damage.

Within the suns rays, UVA (Ultra Violet Type A) contains an aging element, and UVB is what actually burns our skin.  At certain times of the day, depending on the suns intensity, our skin can commence burning within 3-4 minutes of exposure to the suns rays, even directly through glass.

These rays are also damaging to the interior of your vehicle.

The resultant temperature inside a vehicle can be dramatically decreased by using window tinting.  This not only makes us feel better while inside the vehicle, it reduces the strain on a vehicles air conditioner, making the vehicle more economical to operate.  It also makes all vehicles look better!

There is also the added safety feature that window tint provides:  in the event of an accident, window tint will bond any broken glass together, stopping any shattered glass from flying through the vehicle from a broken window. 


Custom fitted to each window using a single piece of the highest quality film ensures your vehicle window tint is second to none.




  Phantom S5 Nano Carbon Ceramic Window Tint offers:

  • Superior performance
  • Lifetime colour guarantee
  • Improved appearance
  • Increased safety
  • Better efficiency
  • Preserves & Protects
  • High durability




  Blocks out 99.99% of UV rays

  Improved TSER of up to 60% over competitors

  Stable colour for the lifetime of the tint

  Bonds glass together in case of accident

  Increased interior privacy

  Excellent protection for children



Offered in a range of VLT (Visible Light Transmission) strengths, from 5% to 50%, there is a Phantom S5 series window tint to suit your vehicle, and you.


Tint your windows with the worlds leading Nano Carbon Ceramic window film from an authorised Aussie Guard dealer today.